On this blog you can find my ramblings about the baby Dear Jane's® (all 225 patterns).

I will regularly post a picture about the ‘babies’ that have been constructed. Each block is unique and belong to its maker, Jane A. Stickle, they are all derived from the original ‘mother’ quilt:

‘In War Times 1863 Pieces 5602 Jane A. Stickle’.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Progress with the G8 – Justin’s Comet

The coming weeks Juud and I will be working real hard on our Dear Jane Quilt. We might even make some real progress. It is so much more fun, stitching together. And, it becomes even more fun when others join, virtually. Juud is real ‘vet cool’ (Dutch youth slang) & a very ‘hippe’ woman. See her here twitting with her sister who was showing her progress on her Dear Jane?


Juud is into social media even more than me!!  image‘LZ’ has completed the first route and even put on the sashings!! Some pictures were exchanged. Who would have thought that these modern women would enjoy practising such an old craft and also love using social media.

Recently Updated4

As you can see, looking closer to my hands we are not getting any younger. Lots of wrinkles appearing!! But we act young!!


As mentioned in the header I started on the G8 and have nearly completed this little baby. Another hour and I can show you her.

We were so enthusiastic that we started (dreaming) planning on finishing this quilt. ‘’Imagine if we made 5 blocks a week, we would have this quilt finished next year July. No, no, this is a too unrealistic goal. How about 4 blocks a month? Yes, that is attainable. But this would mean we would have our Dear Jane completed in 4.5 years!! No that can’t be right. Back to math. Yes, the math is correct, it would really takes us that long.’’ So after a little discussion, I regret to have to inform you, that you will be reading about our progress for a long time. But any way, to speed up the progress we planned some extra bee’s for the summer. We don’t want to fall too much behind, as LZ (Juud’s sister) is on a roll.


  1. Hi helen, it sure was fun. I do sound rather 'into it'. Social media, passing on messages with lz and stitching all at the Same time. well looking at your blog and how you post your photo's i can learn à thing or two! NeXT week is fine too! Enjoy your weekend, you know what i Will be doing!!

  2. Just to show that 1 +1 = more than 2. Happy stitching together !

  3. Altijd gezellig om samen iets te doen. En verder gewoon niet toestaan dat er wordt ingezoomd op de foto's van je handen.

  4. Hi Helen, how fun to find your blog, your writings are wonderful and give me lots to muse about while I'm stitching away at my Jane. A group of friends world-wide have embarked on a Contemporary Jane (you can find out more on my blog). I can't wait to tell them about your blog, I'm sure they'll stop by to peak and chat too :

  5. You are very savvy ladies with that social media stuff. I'm just proud of myself for creating a blog and being able to leave comments. I've been contemplating the idea of joining flickr or picasa, but even that intimidates me. I like your updated design for this blog. Those calculations are pretty scary-- but slow and steady sounds like a good pace! Glad you have others to quilt with (live and virtually)-- especially for the Dear Jane since it is so incredibly detailed (and filled with interesting history, too!) Enjoy!