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‘In War Times 1863 Pieces 5602 Jane A. Stickle’.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

It’s the end of the month – Dear Jane club meeting

Dear Jane,

It is that time of the month again. This morning I quickly did some necessary preparations, so that I would be able to start on the next baby Jane in case I pieced a little quicker than usual.

2011_07_29_DJclub Zutphen

After lunch I drove to Zutphen. Boy, was it busy on the roads. I think the traffic would freak you out. Summer drivers drive like mad nowadays. The traffic was bad today. Had some hassles trying to get between some trucks to get off the highway. And let’s not mention trying to get back onto the highway on my way home. I really don’t like this time of year. I hate it when truckers are caravanning and drive close together. I find it difficult to put my car between them. The space between them looks so small. But I hate people with caravans a little more. They really make it difficult for us drivers because of their slow pace. I can’t blame the truckers making some unpredictable moves just to prevent an accident. Silly of me, for wanting to go to Zutphen today. I know it is Black Saturday tomorrow, the busiest day of the year when many people go on holiday in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. I guess lots of people wanted to avoid this. You were lucky to have lived at a time that horse and carriage was the only means of transportation. Although I do realize I wouldn’t be able to go to Zutphen if I had to go on horse back. I wouldn’t survive the 60 kilometres (about 40 miles).

It was busy at Petra Prins Quilt shop too. As you can see there were a lot of quilters busy with their Dear Jane.

2011_07_29_DJclub Zutphen1

I nearly completed my Church Window - F8. Only have to do the outer border.

Petra Prins herself was also in the quilt shop. We were the first ones to admire her new fabric line ‘Josephine’. It is not yet available. If I listened well, it will be available sometime in February 2012. We Dear Jane quilters all received a piece of her own designed fabric so that we can make a baby Jane with it. This is going to be our homework for next month. Will also have to decide which block I’m going to use for this fabric.

Had a lovely creative and inspiring afternoon. It is great to see how each of us interprets your work.

I’ll be starting with my next baby Jane sometime this week. Can’t wait to see how F6 – Deanie’s Daisies turns out.

Warm regards, Helen


  1. Hoi Heleen,
    Ik was vanmiddag in de winkel van PP en kwam met m'n jongste dochter nog even bij jullie kijken. 't Zag eruit alsof jullie het heel gezellig hadden. Leuk dat er zoveel waren. Toen ik nog op de DJ-club op vrijdagmiddag zat waren we vaak maar met z'n 2-en of 3-en. Succes met je volgende blokje(s)
    Groeten, Marian

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Dear Jane gathering (minus the traffic getting there). Being an American, I wasn't familiar with Black Saturday. I am not a fan of traffic-- I try to avoid it when at all possible. That's so cool that you each got to take home a sample of Petra Prins fabric to work with! Cool! I may be attending a newly-formed modern quilt guild gathering this weekend (not sure if that's exactly my style-- I don't really have a particular style) but it's nearby and some of the local quilt bloggers will be attending. I love the blogosphere, but it would be nice to interact with some real live quilters, too. Enjoy your weekend!! Hope its warmed up a bit!

  3. Dat ziet er weer gezellig uit. En je bent een bofferd dat je al een stukje stof hebt gekregen van Josephine. Dat zullen blokjes met een herinnering worden. Leuk!
    Goed weekend!