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I will regularly post a picture about the ‘babies’ that have been constructed. Each block is unique and belong to its maker, Jane A. Stickle, they are all derived from the original ‘mother’ quilt:

‘In War Times 1863 Pieces 5602 Jane A. Stickle’.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Jane club

The day has finally come so that I could meet the other Dear Jane club members. I’ve also started on my first block - F7. Only 224 to go!!!

2011_03_11_DJ bee

2011_03_11_DJ bee1

Things I learned today: 1. come prepared; 2. there are routes you can undertake when making the Dear Jane (will have to check this out); 3. there are rules, and 4. a quicker walk from where I parked the car to Petra Prins Quilt shop.

Each block contains its own pattern pieces. I had to trace the blocks on freezer paper. Then cut the paper pattern pieces apart and iron the freezer paper patterns onto the wrong side of the fabric. I did all that at DJ-Club. Then I had to trace the pattern onto the fabric with a pencil and draw a 1/4 inch seam allowance lines. Finally I was able to cut the fabric pieces along the seam lines. Well this is how far I got today! Not very far you would say. I think the journey will be a long one!!  It seems that other club members have been at it for a long time too.

Naturally, I always forget something. This time I forgot to trace the centre block. Will have to do this sometime this weekend. When this is done I can finally start hand piecing the pieces together. With the Dear Jane quilt design software you can print out the instruction sheet so that you don’t have to think yourself which way to divide the pattern into sections for easy construction. Why make your live difficult, if it can be easy.

2011_03_11_DJ bee2-1

Like most new DJ-ers I too wonder which blocks to start with?   New DJ-ers often ask this question according to Brenda ...some members start with A-1 and work their way systematically to M-13.  However, the general consensus from the list members is to start with some of the "easier" blocks and as you gain skills and confidence, proceed to some of the more challenging blocks.  Suggested pieced blocks to start with:  M-10, A-6, A-8, B-13, D-13   Appliqué blocks to start with: D-3, C-9, B-1, E-10 (the background is pieced, but this is a good place to start practicing your "melons")

I would love to read more about the ‘routes’ you can take to piece the blocks together. So please let me know where I can find more information online. Just leave a note.

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  1. Zo de kop is eraf voor je Jane! Op de site "That quilt" (link op mijn blog) staat uitgelegd hoe je vooral paperpiecing blokjes kunt maken, dat is veel gemakkelijker met al die ministukjes dan met het freezerpaper. Veel plezier met je eersteling!