On this blog you can find my ramblings about the baby Dear Jane's® (all 225 patterns).

I will regularly post a picture about the ‘babies’ that have been constructed. Each block is unique and belong to its maker, Jane A. Stickle, they are all derived from the original ‘mother’ quilt:

‘In War Times 1863 Pieces 5602 Jane A. Stickle’.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

G10 – Woven Meadow

Dear Jane,

I’m wondering how many hours it took you to finish one block. Drawing out the pattern, cutting the pieces and then sewing them together takes me between 4 to 6 hours. After all that effort, I’ve completed another block! I really like this one. Don’t you?


I’ll search through my box and contemplate which one I will now make for this pink trip. Curious whether you started from the centre or just pieced all the blocks and laid them out to make this famous design. Most of the Janiacs I know work from the centre.

It is amazing how many people are enthralled by your quilt. I’m one of the many happy Janiacs who has finished another baby Jane.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April – Dear Jane Circle

Dear Jane,

It has been a while since I’ve opened the box of fabrics to make those beautiful baby Jane’s. One of the things missing was the crème coloured fabric to make another baby Jane. I didn’t check the contents of the box before I left home. Lucky me, I had my sashings with me, so that I could piece all the blocks that were done together.

IMG_8754It is starting to look like a quilt if I do say so.

Yesterday we had our Circle at Mirjam’s place. The day started with a nice piece of cake & coffee.


Later in the day we had lovely sandwiches which I forgot to take a picture of.

Everyone is piecing in this picture. We were missing two other quilters, one Janiac and a SBS-er (Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler). Hopefully we will see them again in May.



Don’t you love my thread catcher? Yes, the one on your right.

I love the fabric in this baby Jane. It is not one of mine. It is one of the blocks being made by ‘LZ’. As you can see it is nearly completed!


Mirjam is making her Dear Jane with 1930’s era reproduction fabrics. She has a whole box of them.


Quilting together is very encouraging. I always leave thinking I will pick it up again when I get home. I so enjoy piecing those little pieces of fabric together. Sadly, there are too many others things that need to be done. And, in my case, things I also really want to do. So I have to accept that I can’t quilt all day and everyday. I also need to make time for my other activities.

I take my hat off to those who have already completed this quilt. Working on this quilt is a learning experience. But it is also a fantastic journey.

The trip back home went really quickly as I had a travel companion. Next circle will be a lot closer to home. Can’t wait.

Warm regards, Helen

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Jane club

Again I was able to go to the monthly Dear Jane Club in Zutphen.


Some pictures of the members.


I bought myself this book. This one has been on my wishlist for a long time! 


Finished another baby Jane - F9. It took me 6 hours to finish this little block. How long did it take you to finish this one? I’m wondering how long it took Jane.


Need to practice on my appliqué. Not impressed with my points. Mastering the skill of appliqué is pretty hard. I’m sure Jane Stickle has added some more challenges along the way for me. I’m sure my skill-level will improve over time Winking.

With kind regards, Helen

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quilters Circle

Dear Jane,

In your honour we come together every so often to work on your Dear Jane Quilt. Each one of us, is making a replica. It is a planned get-together and we even time-tabled till the end of the year! I’m wondering if you attended a quilters circle or quilting bee. Did you piece with others while making all the baby Jane’s? It is sad that you didn’t keep a diary or journal when working on your quilt. It would answer so many of my questions.

Well last Saturday we Janiac’s came together again.

2012_03_10_DJ-circle1 Some of us are really far as you can see and others are just starting on this journey. Saturday I started on this block.

2012_03_10_DJ-circle I only have to finish appliquéing and than I will have completed another block. Another achievement! I also hope to find some time soon to finished putting on all the sashings on the other completed blocks. So that I too can show how my quilt is growing.

Jane, I would really like to thank you personally for providing me this creative outlet. It is really an inspirational project. A project where I can learn new skills and improve on old ones. I’m also happy that it gives me an opportunity to meet other quilters, who share  the same passion as me. Looking forward to meeting up with the other Janiac’s again in April. Hopefully, I will be able to show some more finished blocks Happy.

A big hug from me, Helen

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Jane Circle

Last year the idea was born. It was about March. I posted a call for participants to set-up / join a Dear Jane Circle. No one was interested, so I joined the Dear Jane club in Zutphen. Lucky for me there were still some vacancies. So Mirjam (no blog) and I signed-up. Around May last year I received  an e-mail from Juud, who was in the States at the time,  asking me how much fabric she would need for the Dear Jane. Yes, she had changed her mind and wanted to make the Dear Jane quilt. A little later I even got an second e-mail asking if I would ask Gerda if she and her sister could join the Dear Jane club too. It still took another couple of months, but in September we had the first Dear Jane Circle. In February 2012, the group of Janiac’s has now grown to 8 members. Actually, it is only 7, as we have one SBS-er in our midst. Yes, that is Berna.

Saturday, we came together again in Ulft. Loved my drive to the country, to the outback of Netherlands. For people living in the Netherlands, it was a long drive, 1 hour and 15 minutes. If I continued driving a little longer I would in Germany!


LZ (Juud her sister) has a great home. Absolutely love this! Love the little Amish figurines and wooden thread spools.  


A bunch of hyacinths.  Did you know that this Dutch Hyacinth was so popular in the 18th century that over 2,000 cultivars were cultivated in the Netherlands. We are actually the chief commercial producer of this flower! This hyacinth has a single dense spike of fragrant flowers in shades of red, blue, white, orange, pink, violet, or yellow. I like the violet ones on the table!


My work basking in the sun.


What is wrong in this picture? Yes, I’ve done it again. I’ve sewn the block on wrong. The sashing should be on the right side of the block. You would nearly start to think I do it on purpose. The other Janiac’s had a good laugh, at my expense Yawn.


All fixed!  Surprise


I love the feeling of laying out a finished block and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. I don’t mind unpicking my work, if the end result isn’t quiet what I tried to achieve. I aspire to make it just perfect for me and so I ignore the kind words of fellow quilters who think it is perfect enough.

Look, I’ve sewn nine baby Jane’s together. It is starting to look like a quilt!


Next to fabric, the needle and thread, the seam ripper from Clover is fast becoming one of my favourite tools.  Yes, ladies, I even have two! You didn’t know that, did you?


The next weeks, I’ll continue working on putting on the sashings on all the baby Jane’s I’ve done. Once I’ve done that I will start on my next block. This will most likely be F9.

Helen, the quiltmaker.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

E8 & F5 completed

Dear Jane,

I wonder what kept you busy besides completing this awesome quilt of yours. Did you get hot and flustered about grocery shopping? Or were you self producing? Did you have your own chickens rooming around? Did you have your own vegetable patch? I read some where that you were a boarder, but if I remember correctly that was at the end of your life, and not while you were making this quilt. While you were working on the Dear Jane, did you find time for cleaning and cooking? So many questions and so few answers. It is really sad that you didn’t keep a diary. I’m sure that a lot of other Janiacs are also curious about your life.

I’m writing this letter (post) in stages as I do have to do some grocery shopping. I like to get there early, when it is still quiet and only a few people are walking around with their carts. It is the best time. As it is winter, it is dark when I drive to the super market and when I’m done it is light. I’m back from the super market and sitting behind my PC to finish this letter.

Last week not much has been happening except that I found some time to make some more babies. Yes, that is what we call those little blocks of yours. Look how many I have finished so far.

Dear Jane blocks 4 virtual wall

These are the three I completed last week.

E6 – Michelle’s Medley

IMG_7819_E6_Michelle's Medley

E8 – Mama’s Maze

IMG_7842_E8-Mama's Maze

E5 - Parcheesi

IMG_7863_F5-Parcheesi I’m doing a pink journey at the moment. That is another thing I ponder on. Did you work from the centre outwards to complete the Dear Jane or did you do all the blocks in random order and pieced them together after piecing all 225 blocks?

Writing to you is a nice distraction but I have to do another chore. I have to finish writing a research paper that I’ve been working on for some time. The manuscript has been reviewed by two peer reviewers and we received there comments and we are asked to make some revisions. I’m working towards a deadline as we are resubmitting the manuscript end of this month. Lucky for me, writing to you helps me get into my English state.

If all goes well, I hope to be piecing the sashings this afternoon. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Warm regards,

Helen, the quiltmaker

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

E6 – Michelle’s Medley is done

Dear Jane,

Another baby is made. Or should I say completed?


I made some alterations to the design that is posted in the book (as well in the Dear Jane Quilt design software). It is a replica of the one you designed. At least I hope it is, as it is a copy of the block posted in the book on your quilt.


What do you think? Does it look like the one you made? I guess not completely as you used striped fabric Embarrassed. Still, I think it turned out looking pretty similar. I did a good job of the tiny centre square and the appliqué of the tiny outer squares.

As I’m homebound, due to this nasty middle ear infection, I’ve decided to cut my next baby – E8 - Mama’s Maze – between sleeps. The piecing is very relaxing.

Warm regards, Helen, the quiltmaker